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Christal Earle

Founder, CEO, Brave Soles

Christal Earle has been a lifelong social entrepreneur. She was first introduced to landfill workers in vulnerable parts of the world in 2005, while leading the Canadian youth charity she had co-founded, called Live Different.
What started out as a passion for social equality has grown into a love for people and the planet.
In 2017 she launched Brave Soles with $250, working with local artisans in the Dominican Republic. Through research and local partnerships, she discovered that a fashion business model focused on meaningful work, responsible production, and within the reach of average consumers could help inspire and create meaningful change.
Brave Soles creates handcrafted shoes with upcycled tire soles and is focused on providing opportunities for their customers and fans to love the story behind what they own. To date, they have upcycled over 3300 tires into soles for shoes.