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Julia Che

Founder, Openness

Julia Che, also known as lotusleaf, is the Founder of web3 and comms advisory, Openness, supporting DAOs, companies and protocols with brand positioning, communications, partnerships, events and content strategy. She previously solo-founded, bootstrapped and scaled her first company from zero to multi-seven figures working with Fortune 100’s such as Unilever, L’Oréal Paris and Toyota. Today, Julia’s areas of focus are the third web, emerging tech, DAOs and tooling, DE&I, and all things web3. Julia is a member and contributor to various DAOs building for a better and more inclusive future including Forefront, RADAR, MetaGammaDelta, Boys Club Crypto, Baddies in Tech and TwoPlus. She is an active advisor and angel investor in early-stage, futurist technologies such as The Sandbox (metaverse gaming) Alchemy (developer tooling), Clarity (DAO tooling), iVirtual (identity), Arkive (art) and more. Get in touch with Julia via Twitter at @lotusleafxyz.