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Landon Gorbenko

Head of Mental Performance, FITGMR

At my core, gaming has always been a foundational piece to my life. I fell in love with the science of performance and merged that love with my passion for gaming. As a result, I completed a B.Sc. in Psychology & M.Sc. in Performance Psychology with the intent of bringing that knowledge back into high performance esports.

I now work as Head of Mental Performance for FITGMR, an esports science tech platform that makes health & performance training accessible to all gamers. Additionally, I work as the mental performance coach for Shopify Rebellion and other tier-1 esports teams. Starting in January, I will also be beginning my PhD in Montreal to study the development and performance of esports players.

Finally, due to my love & passion for Canadian esports, I will be providing resources and training to Canadian gamers to help build our ecosystem so that we are recognized as a global powerhouse of esports talent.