Rushmi Hasham

Director, Cybersecurity Workforce Training

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, TMU

Rushmi brings a passion for reimagining the cybersecurity workforce in her role from the vision to attract non-technical, mid-career individuals who are ready to make a career pivot into cybersecurity. As a cybersecurity thought leader with a sharp focus on developing unique cybersecurity workforce development solutions, Rushmi is a frequent speaker at conferences and roundtables where she contributes to the national conversation on how to develop a national cybersecurity workforce. She firmly believes the way to solve the cybersecurity skills shortage is to reskill individuals, from all backgrounds and skills, who have high natural aptitude, but no formal cyber background. Rushmi is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded three businesses in the technology services industry. She firmly follows the doctrine that business has a responsibility in lifting communities and she has weaved those values into her own companies and into her work at the Catalyst.


wednesday – 04:10pm Secure & Protect

Time Icon 20 mins

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Cyber Resilience: Fueling a New Era of Security Leadership and Well-Being

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, resilience is your competitive advantage. Beyond the intricate technical solutions lies a profound truth: it’s all about the people. It’s imperative to safeguard our cybersecurity defenders from relentless burnout, foster strategic alliance that fortify our defences & ignite a transformation where business leaders emerge as the vanguards of security.

wednesday – 01:30pm Secure & Protect

Time Icon 5 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Jane Mallett Theatre

Secure & Protect Stage Kickoff

The faster technology advances, so do the threats against it. It’s more crucial than ever to secure and protect your personal, company and client data. We’re hosting a wide range of discussions with leading security experts about privacy, trust, and levelling up security systems against cyber threats. Join us as we kick off the Secure & Protect Stage!