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Tamara Goddard

Creative Director & Strategist, 400 Drums

Tamara Goddard, of the Saulteau Nation, believes that access to clean water, housing, power and water are fundamental human rights, and are necessary for humanity to recreate balance with the Earth and all of life. She spent 25+ years studying various social and economic systems finding that many limit humanity’s abilities to flourish, by design. Her research and educational pursuits were fuelled by a vision at the age of 19, of a new economic model grounded in natural law and growth patterns of nature.

As the CEO of Four Our Future, Tamara led three national research papers highlighting the potential for blockchain and web3 technology to advance equitable wealth and resource distribution and incubated 400 Drums, an NFT project dedicated to illustrating how web3 technology can be used to break down social and economic barriers. Tamara is committed to holding space for the next generation of innovators to create a regenerative economic model upon which people and planet can thrive.