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Money Matters

Programming By
Meridian Hall - West Plaza
9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Financial infrastructure has always leaned on cutting-edge technology for smarter investments, tighter security, and asset diversification.

The days of paper bills and leather wallets are beginning to fade away. Bitcoin, blockchain, AI-driven portfolios and more are now cornerstones of the financial world.

With these evolutions in financial technology come many questions: is blockchain safe? Is bitcoin a safe long-term investment? Where and how should I invest my money?

Join us on the Fintech stage to hear from analysts, experts and entrepreneurs who are shaping and evolving the world of finance. Learn about how financial institutions in Canada are trying to lean on technology to improve their standing on the global stage and how individuals can use that to their advantage.

Why Attend

Learn how to anticipate shifts in the financial world with technology
Discover new-to-market assets and tech that are revolutionizing investments
Hear from industry experts on upcoming trends and strategies to prepare
Explore new ways to manage your assets in the digital space