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Planet Preserve

There is No Planet B

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Meridian Hall - West Plaza
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Planet Preserve

How do we save the planet?

You’ve seen the headlines: Greenhouse levels are at an all-time high. Natural resources are being rapidly depleted. Sea levels continue to rise.

The planet needs protectors, and only together can we rise to the occasion.

At the Planet Preserve stage, discover how together we can combat climate change and stand up for Planet Earth. Environmental sustainability can be embedded into almost every facet of our lives and culture: Urban planning, transportation, fashion, food, activism, entertainment and more. With thoughtful solutions and bold activism, the Earth’s future lies in the choices we make.

Hear from experts in climate technology, global activism, and environmentally conscious arts and entertainment in how we can amplify our impacts.

Small actions and big ideas are the first step to protect Earth. Join us at the Planet Preserve stage to see what the future of climate action looks like.

Why Attend

Learn how to accelerate your environmental activism
Discover green business strategies
Explore how can individuals leverage technology to protect the Earth