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Scale Up

Growing In Uncertainty

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St Lawrence Center - Jane Mallett Theater
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Scale Up

When an entrepreneur decides to kick off their very own startup, they’ll always hear the same questions about their core business.

How does your startup solve unique problems?

How does this business model generate revenue?

Why is this startup worth our investment?

Growth is never a straight line, and young entrepreneurs and founders have to deal with a lot of growing pains. But every business needs to start somewhere, and in today’s innovative landscape, the possibilities are endless.

Scaling up is more than a graph going up and to the right – and it’s the savvy entrepreneur’s job to fit the puzzle pieces together. Who are the right people to bring into your business, when is the right time to expand your reach, and what is the best way to learn from your mistakes?

At the Scale Up stage, successful entrepreneurs who have navigated the startup space will share their expertise, insight, and advice on how you can answer those questions and scale up in a big way.

Why Attend

Hear from entrepreneurs on strategies to scale up your venture
Take a deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of expanding business
Discover how scaling down can lead to the best scale up
Learn about the most common scaling up mistakes and how to avoid them