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Visual Artist, Animator, Designer, illustrator

I indulge in the visual language of character design to examine the ideas of capitalist consumption, identity, and self-awareness of first-world culture. I am a visual storyteller creating culturally engaging motifs combining manga-style character designs, graphic images, and digital components with streetwear, hip-hop, anime, and sneaker culture. I utilize art direction methods and mixed media techniques to further conceptualize my illustration interests. My goal is to make the viewer aware of the time we currently reside in and understand that many of the objects we interact with can become a part of our identity. My works stem from illustrating a character with underrepresented qualities, usually black and female. I fit them into outfits I study from overtly advertised fashion editorials; reselling for hundreds of dollars and meant for wealthy figures but subvert those items to make them fit ruggedly and aggressively. By embracing the things that societies and cultures might deem as publicized, I add an anti-establishing element to overtake expectations.

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