Connect & Grow at Elevate Festival

Elevate Festival is an inclusive space where startups can thrive! Each year we thoughtfully curate a unique startup experience in collaboration with our partners at Moneris. Hear from the world’s most innovative minds, meet with Canada’s leading investors, source leads, build your community of founders, grow your business, and more! If you run or work at a startup, this is where you’ll get inspired and empowered to innovate without limits and use technology to shape a future that is equitable and sustainable for everyone.

Powering the startup experience

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  • Stylized Icon Of a group of people 10,000+ attendees
  • Stylized Icon Of a speaker 300+ speakers
  • Stylized Icon Of a Coin 2,000 Startups Engaged
  • Stylized Icon Of a camera aperture 50% Equity Deserving Groups

Want six reasons why you should get tickets to Elevate Festival?

    Why Attend

Perks of a Startup Pass

Here are six things you can look forward to when you buy a Startup Pass:

  1. Full Access To Elevate Festival

    From October 1-3, 2024 you’ll gain full access to 150+ sessions featuring the world’s most innovative speakers. This is where you’ll soak up insights on tech trends and tools to help your startup thrive!

  2. Pitch on Stage

    Earn the chance to pitch your startup on the Elevate Festival stage in front of large audiences for maximum exposure. Bonus: You’ll receive a professionally shot video of your pitch to share with your followers!

  3. Lead Generation

    Build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow your business as you join Canada’s tech & innovation ecosystem.

  4. Meetings With Investors

    Connect with Canada’s leading investors in 1:1 meetings (based on investor opt-in) and access to Startup roundtables. Women and gender-diverse startups can connect with women and gender-diverse VCs and investors.

  5. Networking & After-Hours Socials

    Network with industry leaders, innovators, and investors during the day, and socialize with colleagues, friends, and fellow founders at Elevate Goes Late events by night. Join a diverse community where the majority of attendees come from equity-deserving backgrounds, ensuring you’ll find your people at the Elevate Festival. With your Startup Pass, you’ll gain access to an exclusive networking Happy Hour with investors and special after-hours parties for startups.

  6. Access To The Startup Lounge

    Meet like-minded innovators solving important problems in their sectors, or find your co-founder in this space dedicated to startups.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for 1:1 Investor Meetings


You are (1) fundraising or (2) preparing to raise funds within the next 6 - 12 months.


Your company has achieved reasonable traction over the past 12 months.


You and your team have been working full time on your startup.

How to apply for 1:1 meetings with investors

After you purchase your pass, you will receive an email with an application form

Complete the form