Andrew Peterson

Head of Canada


Andrew Peterson is the Head of YouTube Canada, where he oversees the content, creator and viewer ecosystems for the country.

In his role, Andrew works with the next generation of independent content creators through to the largest media, entertainment and news publishers in the country. His team focuses on growing the number of Canadian storytellers on the platform and helping them to connect with audiences both at home and abroad.

Additionally, Andrew works to bring new products to Canada to elevate the experience of Canadian viewers and creators.

Prior to YouTube, Andrew worked in the music industry and in broadcasting leading digital content creation and commercialization across the Asia Pacific region.


wednesday – 01:15pm Main Stage

Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Main Stage

The Future of the Creator Economy: What’s Next for Creators in the Age of AI?

Humans are innately curious, which coupled with creativity have helped push the boundaries of what’s possible throughout history. Additionally, technological innovation has unlocked new creative possibilities. This has never been more clear within the creator economy. From short form content, to long form, to podcasts and livestreams, digital creators have long embraced the various creative outputs and formats available. Now, with the acceleration of AI across all industries, questions are emerging on how creators will meet this moment. In this fireside chat, you’ll hear about the future of the creator economy, the next chapter of content creation on YouTube, and the influence of generative AI on the creative process.