Brendan Frey

Founder, Board Member and Chief Innovation Officer

Deep Genomics

Brendan Frey is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, engineer and scientist. He made key contributions in artificial intelligence, genome biology and AI-driven drug discovery. Frey co-invented one of the first deep learning algorithms and his inventions are used in thousands of products around the world. He founded Deep Genomics, co-founded the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and is a Professor of Engineering and Medicine at the University of Toronto. Frey is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Royal Society of Canada.


tuesday – 06:35pm Main Stage

Time Icon 10 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Main Stage

Beacons Of Hope: AI in Medicine

The past three years have seen major breakthroughs in the medical industry as the result of AI. We can now accurately predict how the genetics of patients, deleteriously alter gene expression and how molecules can provide therapeutic benefits. Join Brendan as he walks us through these recent breakthroughs, including an exclusive late-breaking innovation from his team. How can we expect this to alter the future of medicine?