Carly Weeks

National Health Reporter

The Globe & Mail

In her more than 15 years as a national health reporter with The Globe and Mail, Carly Weeks has developed a reputation as one of the country’s leading authorities on health-related issues.

Carly was one of the reporters leading the Globe’s coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to cover the fallout of the pandemic and its effects on the health care system. She has spent years covering many urgent health issues, including the growing threat of medical misinformation and disinformation, lack of access to abortion services in many parts of Canada and the critical shortage of health workers across the country.


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You and I Are Going To Live Forever

Can we live healthier lives? Can the body’s age actually reverse itself? Can we live forever? These questions aren’t science fiction. They’re the basis for Bryan’s journey to the bleeding edge of medical innovation. Join Bryan for a look at the future of fitness, diet and medical tech from his front row seat as the world’s most measured human.