Gillian Hadfield

Chair & Director

Schwartz Reisman Institute

Gillian K. Hadfield, B.A. (Hons.) Queens, J.D., M.A., Ph.D. (Economics) Stanford, is Professor of Law, Professor of Strategic Management and holds the Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society at the University of Toronto and a CIFAR AI Chair at the Vector Institute. She is the inaugural Director of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society. Her current research is focused on innovative design for legal and regulatory systems for AI and other complex global technologies; computational models of human normative systems; and working with machine learning researchers to build ML systems that understand and respond to human norms. Professor Hadfield is a Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Human-Compatible AI at the University of California Berkeley and Senior Policy Advisor at OpenAI in San Francisco. Her book Rules for a Flat World: Why Humans Invented Law and How to Reinvent It for a Complex Global Economy was published by Oxford University Press in 2017; a paperback edition with a new prologue on AI was published in 2020 and an audiobook version released in 2021.


wednesday – 11:50am AI

Time Icon 25 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Bluma Appel Theatre

Navigating the AI Frontier: Regulation and Responsible AI Adoption

As AI becomes increasingly accessible to the general public, the need for robust regulations and responsible practices becomes paramount. In this talk, we’ll delve into the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding AI, exploring the policies designed to ensure that AI development and usage prioritize societal well-being. We’ll discuss guidelines for individuals and organizations to create AI applications that do not harm society at large, emphasizing ethical considerations and responsible AI deployment.