Grant Canary

Founder & CEO

Mast Reforestation

Grant Canary is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mast Reforestation and its recently acquired subsidiaries Silvaseed and Cal Forest which together form the western US’s largest vertically integrated reforestation company.

Grant has focused his entire career on sustainability—working at Vestas wind energy in China, the US and Denmark, and for the US Green Building Council in its infancy. He spent close to a decade founding and building a prior company in Bogotá, Colombia that utilized food waste to feed insect larvae for use as industrial fish feed— alleviating pressure on overfishing of small fish, utilizing food waste, and providing a protein source for farming fish to increase world food supplies most efficiently.

Grant is a pacific NW native growing up in Oregon, who then attended Occidental College in LA, and followed with a masters degree at Politecnico di Torino Italy, and then Universidad de la Sabana in Bogotá. Grant is a Mulago Foundation Fellow and a climate tech Investor, and Mast Reforestation is a Techstars and Elemental Excelerator cohort company. Mast was named the World’s Most Innovative Company in Robotics by Fast Company in 2021, and a CNBC Top 50 Disruptor in 2023.


wednesday – 01:35pm Main Stage

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When Investor Met Founder

There are few relationships more important in business than the one between Investor and Founder. How do you know when you’ve found the right fit? How does one complement the other? Join Katelin, Grant, and Sunil as they discuss investor founder relations. Get a first hand look of a relationship done right as they spotlight their work on global reforestation through their company, Mast.