Janine Rogan


Wealth Building Academy

Janine Rogan, CPA, is a passionate keynote and TEDx speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of The Wealth Building Academy Inc., and an award winning CPA. Her mission is to educate and empower women to confidently and profitably grow their wealth, through financial feminism – financial equality for all.

Janine has been featured internationally by a number of publications and has delivered keynotes to thousands of individuals and companies around the world. She currently sits
on the CPA Alberta Education Foundation board, the board of FESA, and the planning committee of the AICPA Global Women’s Leadership Summit.

In spring 2023, Janine released her debut book “The Pink Tax: Dismantling A Financial System Designed To Keep Women Broke” published by Page Two Books. In it, Janine explores the hidden ways that women are held back in our society—from overpriced
women’s themed items to the motherhood penalty. It debuted at #1 on Amazon for Feminist Theory books.


thursday – 10:30am Women in Tech

Time Icon 60 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Upper Mezzanine

Know Your Worth

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