Marie-Michele Beausoleil

Composer & Musician

Marie-Michèle Beausoleil, otherwise known as M’Michèle, is a talented composer and performer originating out of Montreal. Her compositions on the harp have brought her both to California to Shanghai as an international representative of both her native province of Quebec and of Canada as a whole. Yet to come from this artist are numerous collaborations and shows in North America, Europe and Asia. Fascinated by the dualities of musical elements as well as the complex balance that exists within the human spirit, this artist aligns her unique vision with her sound. The result is an intricate weaving together of textures, colors and impressions that are at once opposite, complimentary, rich and thought provoking. M’Michèle explores and merges different musical styles to exhilarate the ear, notably modal jazz, classical impressionism, electronic music and pop.


wednesday – 02:35pm Main Stage

Time Icon 15 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Main Stage

The Trust Trifecta

Over the past several decades, we have become a more untrustworthy society. Misinformation has lead to mistrust amongst our institutions and leaders. Businesses have an opportunity to step up and intervene – in a new kind of leadership, where trust is at the core. Accompanied by a harp, join Dr. Anand in this immersive, multi-sensory keynote performance as she reveals insights into the impact of the intersection of these notions and when met in this specific order – how we can all benefit from the outcomes.