Maylee Todd


Maylee Todd is a versatile multimedia artist who explores the convergence of art, technology, music production, and AR/VR performance. She has crafted immersive multimedia experiences to accompany her self-produced albums, including “Maylee Todd’s Musical Planetarium” (2013), “Inamorata” (2016), “Virtual Womb” (2015-2019), “Psychonaut Experiments” (2018-2020), and her latest release, “MALOO” (2022).

Maylee’s innovative approach involves using motion tracking technology to present live digital avatar performances, earning her accolades such as winning ‘Best Creative Campaign’ at the AIM Awards in the UK. She made history as the first avatar to perform live on NPR’s Tiny Desk Home Concert Series and graced the Lincoln Centre in New York with her live avatar performance. In addition to her music endeavors, Maylee will curate the “Woman and Non-Binary In Tech Series” at the Lincoln Centre of the Performing Arts in New York from January to May 2024.

Her latest project, “Cerebral Waves: A Live Musical Performance,” combines EEG headband technology to monitor her brainwaves and translates this data into a captivating live musical performance. Stay tuned for her upcoming album with Stones Throw in 2024. Maylee Todd continues to redefine the boundaries of music, technology, and live performance.


thursday – 02:55pm Creator Summit

Time Icon 15 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Jane Mallett Theatre

Sonic Portraits of the Mind: Exploring Brain Waves through Sonification

In this immersive live demo, you will have the unique opportunity to witness emerging technology with the capability of translating brain waves into music and visuals. This multi-sensory encounter will grant a captivating glimpse into Maylee’s various emotional states and facilitate direct biofeedback, giving you a novel insight into what technology is capable of.