Noura Sakkijha

Noura Sakkijha

Co-Founder & CEO


Born in Jordan, Noura Sakkijha (Co-Founder and CEO of Mejuri) is the third generation in a family of jewelers, exposing her to the production techniques and the complexity of fine jewelry design at an early age. While she loved fine jewelry, the traditional aspect of men purchasing for women didn’t resonate with her. She chose to pursue another passion, and studied industrial engineering at the University of Jordan. This led her to immigrate to Canada to receive her MBA at Ryerson University, and work in consulting at one of the top financial institutions in Toronto. Though she loved her job, fine jewelry was always on her mind. In 2015, Noura made the decision to leverage her learnings from the industry and her deep understanding of supply chain to create Mejuri, the category defining jewelry brand. In doing so, Noura and her team have redefined the way individuals think of and purchase fine jewelry—for themselves. Since inception, Noura has built a brand on the foundational principles of empowerment, inclusivity and innovation – one that encourages everyone to buy the diamond for your damn self.


thursday – 02:30pm Main Stage

Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Main Stage

Noura Sakkijha: The Modern CEO

There has never been a more complicated time to run a company. From building sustainable practices to supporting employees to navigating uncertainty, the modern CEO has to think holistically. Join Noura as she takes a deep dive into what it means to run a business in 2023. From finding the right investors to an innovative approach around parental leave to building a welcoming community with your customers – Noura will discuss what you should be doing to get to the top while being mindful and true to your values.