Paul Veeneman

Product and Solution Architecture

Blueridge Networks

With over 27 years of expertise across multifaceted industries, Paul leverages a broad background in both Information Technology and Operational Technology supporting executive leadership in navigating the intricate domains of cybersecurity and compliance. Paul provides decision-makers with tailored guidance, helping them chart a course through governance, risk, and compliance challenges in Enterprise Infrastructure and Services, Industrial Control Systems, IoT, and Cloud Security. His strategic insights have consistently empowered organizations to make informed, forward-thinking choices in an ever-evolving cyber landscape.


wednesday – 03:50pm Secure & Protect

Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Jane Mallett Theatre

Anatomy of an Attack: Decoding Cyber Threats for Enhanced Defense

It was 10:04pm when Toronto businessman Bill Daniels received a text on his personal phone. The text had one statement: All your files are encrypted and stolen by Ragnarok. If you asked Bill to describe the rest of his year, he sums it up in two words: defeated and devasted. Over 50% of the 5 billion internet users have already been compromised. Join this intriguing conversation to discover what happens when a company gets hacked and learn 5 key actions you can take to protect your systems and people.