Rob McMonagle

Advisor to the Green Sectors

Since 2011 Rob has worked at Toronto’s Economic Development office where he leads in supporting the growth of Toronto’s robust green industries. Prior to this, Rob worked at the City of Toronto’s Energy Office (2005-10) where he wrote Toronto’s Sustainable Energy Plan and managed the City’s renewable energy initiatives.

Rob was the Executive Director of the Canadian Solar Industries Association from 2001-05 and was instrumental in creating Canada’s first Feed-in Tariff program. In 1980 Rob founded and ran Canada’s largest (at the time) renewable energy supply company and installed PV, solar thermal, and wind systems globally until 2000.


Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Bluma Appel Theatre

Fostering Innovation in Municipalities: Insights from Innovative Cities

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion exploring the innovative strategies and challenges cities face in fostering clean technology innovation. In an era where cities worldwide are taking bold steps towards sustainability and technological advancement, this session provides valuable insights into the impact of programs promoting innovation in clean technologies. Discover how innovation challenges invigorate advancement within cities, their benefits to urban environments, their value to participants, and their role in shaping Smart Cities in Canada and beyond. Attend this discussion to gain deeper insights into the future of clean technologies in urban ecosystems.