Rohan Nair

Head of Engineering

Nautical Commerce

Rohan is a technology leader, software developer, angel investor and fan of humanity, with over 13 years of experience in Toronto’s technology sector.

Rohan has been an executive at many Toronto startups, and was the Head of Technology at venture capital firm Highline Beta. His career also includes stints as a startup founder and a fractional CTO for various companies, including Nautical Commerce, Semantic Health, Pungle Payments, Terapeak, and His diverse experiences give him a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and business.


wednesday – 02:15pm Tech Talent Zone

Time Icon 15 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Lower Lobby

Philosophies of a Tech Engineer: Navigating the Career Maze

From a childhood passion for coding to an accidental career in tech, leading with childlike curiosity is what has lead to Rohan’s exceptional career as an Engineer. While shedding light on a atypical career paths, Rohan will share his experiences in building teams and emphasize the importance of pursuing interesting problems and solving customer issues. Gain insights into unconventional career trajectories and discover what to look for when seeking high-performing, enjoyable workplaces.