Roy Pereira



Roy Pereira is an accomplished 4x founder and technology innovator. He is renowned for his track record of establishing successful startups in Canada and his influential senior executive roles within publicly-traded companies across North America. Roy was the visionary behind CalendarHero, an AI-powered scheduling assistant and Shiny Ads, a platform that empowered publishers to manage and monetize their ad inventory.

Today, Roy is building, a Unified API development platform designed for B2B customer-facing integrations. Under his leadership, enables developers to integrate once to launch multiple integrations within hours, a breakthrough that significantly accelerates time-to-market and allows software companies to expand their lifetime revenue.

Roy remains driven by his profound passion for harnessing technology and empowering great teams to tackle real-world challenges.


wednesday – 10:30am Tech Talent Zone

Time Icon 15 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Lower Lobby

The HR Tech Transformation: Leveraging Integrations for Growth

Tech is reshaping the way HR software companies grow. Join us for an insightful talk that explores the dynamic world of HR Tech integrations. From ecosystem partnerships to modern HR tech use cases, this talk offers valuable insights and strategies for HR tech leaders looking to harness the full potential of innovation.