Voula Vasilopoulos

Director, Talent Acquisition

Interac Corp.

As a Talent leader, Voula Vasilopoulos builds best-in-class organizations by identifying and bringing top talent to companies. She leads with a vision and influences her team, Business Leaders and Hiring Managers alike, on building strong people relations and inspires her team to be proactive and creative in their recruitment practices.

Voula attributes her professional success to believing that people are the best capital that an organization can have. People are the ones who produce and achieve results and she helps find those people to do just that.

With the heart of an empath and keen mind of a marketer, Voula leverages data and insights to achieve incredible results and gain competitive advantage, in both the employer and candidate markets. She strives to bring out the best in her team with humanity, compassion and a results-oriented leadership style.


wednesday – 11:15am Tech Talent Zone

Time Icon 15 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Lower Lobby

Raising the Recruiting Bar: The Winning Combination of Diversity, Talent, and Growth

In today’s business, the significance of a robust recruitment team cannot be overstated. This talk delves into the multifaceted aspects of building a best-in-class recruitment team and the role this plays in diversifying your workforce. Join us as we dive into how to diversify your workforce the right way, nurture your team, retain talent, and drive growth.