Zayna Khayat

Health Futurist


Zayna is adjunct faculty in the Health Sector Strategy stream at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto where she instructs a course in healthcare innovation in the health MBA program. Zayna is VP of Growth & Client Success at Teladoc Health in Canada, and is the in-house health futurist with Deloitte Canada’s Healthcare practice.

Zayna previously led the Futures team with national home healthcare and aging social enterprise, SE Health, as their Future Strategist. Dr. Khayat was previously the lead of health system innovation at MaRS Discovery District, a health innovation hub in Toronto, Canada. In 2017 she was seconded to the REshape Innovation Centre at Radboud university medical centre in the Netherlands. Zayna completed her Ph.D. in diabetes research from the University of Toronto (2001), followed by a career in strategy consulting, including as a Principal in the healthcare practice of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). She currently resides in Toronto with her husband and three children and is proficient in French and Arabic languages (and a bit of Dutch!).


wednesday – 10:55am Main Stage

Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Main Stage

Everyday Trust: Exploring Digital Trust in Healthcare

The digital realm is brimming with potential, but its advancements come with countless challenges. While new products and services may stem from the potential of generative AI, our societal institutions struggle to keep up. Debbie Gamble, Chief Officer, Innovation Labs & News Ventures, Interac Corp. initiates a conversation with Zayna Khayat, Ph.D., health futurist at Deloitte Canada, inviting us to ponder the essence of trust in our digital engagements.

The conversation will also navigate the global trust crisis, emphasizing the importance of ethical standards and the need for regulatory modernization in healthcare. As we grapple with challenges, from misinformation to data security, how do we ensure trust remains the bedrock of our healthcare system?

Join us in exploring the bridge between familiarity and the unknown, with trust as its foundation, as Debbie and Zayna delve into the nuances of digital trust in healthcare and beyond.