Alexandra Reilly

Head of Marketing


Alexandra is the current Head of Marketing at TechTO, where she plays a pivotal role in supporting the Canadian Tech Ecosystem. Her responsibilities include creating compelling stories, amplifying emerging and established startup ventures, and ensuring the perpetuation of a secure and inclusive environment within the technology space for all stakeholders.

Before joining TechTO, she spent time at TSN Sportscentre, where she helped to create content that catered to sports fans and audiences across the country.

In her current capacity, Alexandra is dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of the TechTO brand and the cultivation of an inclusive community of technologists, all of whom share the common objective of launching innovative ideas and establishing robust businesses in tech. In addition, she also co-hosts TechTO’s bi-weekly Tech News and Analysis podcast, “Quick Takes,” in collaboration with TechTO Co-Founder Alex Norman.

Alexandra’s contributions and leadership within the tech community underscore her commitment to its growth and development, making her a valuable asset to the broader technology landscape.


thursday – 04:10pm Scale Up

Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Bluma Appel Theatre

Raising Capital in 2023: A VC Perspective

Canadian market is often overlooked when it comes to fundraising, yet the talent we have to offer is outstanding. Join us in a discussion with three venture capitalists actively investing in Canada to learn about the state of the market and what founders can do to raise capital in these uncertain times.