Chivon John

Founder & Wellbeing Strategist


Chivon John is on a mission to transform our approach to wellness at work. As a wellbeing strategist and mental health advocate, her work with individuals and organizations is focused on ensuring that wellbeing is a foundational metric for success and rooted in C.A.R.E – community, advocacy, reimagining and equitable solutions.
Fueled by her desire to reimagine our approach to self care and mental wellness, Chivon is a devoted educator, speaker and Founder of LightWork – a consultancy that shines a light on the heavy weights impacting our wellbeing.


thursday – 11:40am Work Shift Well Being

Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Bluma Appel Theatre

Tech Rehab: It's Time for a Cleanse

Isolation, burnout, and job insecurity are harsh realities faced by tech workers today and have a profound impact on the industry. This talk will dissect C-suite perceptions of tech culture, and underscore why ERGs, DEI initiatives, and wellness programs are workplace requirements and not nice-to-haves. Join Nova and Chivon as they explore strategies for coping, thriving, and rehabilitating from techs fast changing norms.