Nova Nicole

Performance Coach, Inclusive Facilitator & Wellness Advocate


Since 2009, Nova Nicole has lectured on the effective actions that senior leaders in the academic, public and private sectors can take to integrate well-being as a requirement of optimal performance. For the past 4 years, Nova supported Shopify’s exponential growth in Talent Development. She connected to thousands of global leaders at several of Shopify’s internal summits, and her cohort workshops normalized language around energy management, self-advocacy, racial identity and wellbeing. In 2022, Nova delivered a keynote on energy management to a standing-room-only crowd of 1200 executives at AFROTECH and recently partnered with a colleague to craft the INFINIT Wellness app where she is the guiding voice for the meditations and affirmations. Newly resigned from Shopify, Nova now consults on the patterns, themes and behaviors witnessed during the highs and lows of her time in tech.


thursday – 11:40am Work Shift Well Being

Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Bluma Appel Theatre

Tech Rehab: It's Time for a Cleanse

Isolation, burnout, and job insecurity are harsh realities faced by tech workers today and have a profound impact on the industry. This talk will dissect C-suite perceptions of tech culture, and underscore why ERGs, DEI initiatives, and wellness programs are workplace requirements and not nice-to-haves. Join Nova and Chivon as they explore strategies for coping, thriving, and rehabilitating from techs fast changing norms.