Jennifer Arnold

Co-founder & CEO


Jennifer Arnold is the co-founder and CEO of MinervaAI, an award-winning, AI-driven AML Compliance platform. Jennifer has made it her mission to demystify anti-money laundering (AML) compliance through demonstrating how a risk-based approach leads to revenue growth. Taking risks in the world of Fintech and Compliance has earned her a spot on “Women to Watch” in Risky Women and numerous invitations to share her knowledge and insights as a panelist and guest speaker including at Fintech Meetup and Princeton University.


thursday – 11:30am

Time Icon 45 mins

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Mastering Cashflow and Activity Prioritization for Early-Stage Startups

Equip your startup with the knowledge to sidestep common pitfalls and thrive in a competitive landscape. 

A significant portion of early-stage startups die due to poor cash flow management and poor prioritization. This roundtable will deep dive into these challenges and engage you in a candid discussion about how you can stay on top of our spending and pinpoint key activities that drive you towards vital fundraising or revenue milestones.

wednesday – 01:00pm Masterclasses

Time Icon 60 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Castle Point Numa Lounge

The Buy Canadian Opportunity: How to Spur Growth by Embracing Emerging Tech

Today, more than one third of Canadian businesses are using AI, but this is less than half of the level in the US. How do we accelerate adoption of Canadian tech in Canada? This session will address how companies should approach AI-based tech collaboration. Join us to hear several successful case studies addressing barriers to adoption and learn how to improve the odds of success.