Muxin Ma



Muxin Ma, an accomplished leader and organization builder, currently serves as the COO at Pontosense. She oversees product and AI development in this role, focusing on safety and health applications in Mobility and Agetech. Her visionary expertise lies in wireless sensing, AI learning models, and organizational growth, enabling her team to pioneer safety protocols and predictive life-saving solutions. Before joining Pontosense, Muxin held the position of Chief HR Officer at Stripe International, a prominent Japanese fashion company, where she managed a workforce of 6,000 employees. She holds a degree from Waseda University, is fluent in three languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese), and enjoys spending quality time with her family and hiking in the Canadian wilderness during her leisure hours.


wednesday – 01:00pm Masterclasses

Time Icon 60 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Castle Point Numa Lounge

The Buy Canadian Opportunity: How to Spur Growth by Embracing Emerging Tech

Today, more than one third of Canadian businesses are using AI, but this is less than half of the level in the US. How do we accelerate adoption of Canadian tech in Canada? This session will address how companies should approach AI-based tech collaboration. Join us to hear several successful case studies addressing barriers to adoption and learn how to improve the odds of success.