Mariya Belmessova

Global Growth Marketing Leader

With over a decade of experience in strategic marketing leadership, Mariya Belmessova has emerged as a prominent figure in the digital marketing landscape. Currently serving as the Head of Paid Acquisition for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mariya has honed her skills and expertise in delivering remarkable results for renowned companies such as AWS, PayPal, RBC, Rakuten, and Thomas Cook. Her journey encompasses the dynamic realms of both B2B and B2C audiences.


thursday – 02:30pm Women in Tech

Time Icon 60 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Upper Mezzanine

Setbacks to Success

A session embracing setbacks as stepping stones to success. In this judgment-free zone, we’ll explore the journey of failures and how they pave the way for growth and achievement. Join us as we learn from real-life stories of resilience and perseverance, where individuals turned their mistakes into beautiful opportunities.