Mathieu Lavoie



Mathieu Lavoie is co-founder and CTO of Flare. He obtained his B.Eng. from the ÉTS. After being a malware researcher for a few years, he worked as a pentester and then as a security team lead in a large financial institution. He was also a strategic advisor for senior executives regarding cybersecurity and blockchain initiatives. He has spoken at security conferences such as HOPE, BotConf, Sleuthcon and NorthSec


wednesday – 01:35pm Secure & Protect

Time Icon 25 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Jane Mallett Theatre

Cybersecurity Threats with Emerging Technologies: Bots, Malware, Disinformation, AI

The nexus between cybersecurity and emerging technologies is at the forefront of global concerns. Join us for an enlightening exploration of the shifting landscape where traditional threats meet cutting-edge innovations. From the proliferation of malicious bots to the relentless evolution of malware, and the insidious spread of disinformation campaigns to the profound impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this session delves deep into the heart of modern cybersecurity challenges.