Reni Odetoyinbo

Content Creator

Reni The Resource

Reni Odetoyinbo is a content creator, marketing consultant, and finance educator based in Toronto, Ontario. On her YouTube channel, ‘xoreni’ she shares resources around career development and financial literacy. After purchasing her first house at the age of 23, she started to share her knowledge with others in the hopes of helping Black folks become more financially literate. Over the past two years, Reni has built a community of over 100,000 individuals across her platforms. Professionally, Reni was awarded the Bay St. Bull 30 x 30 in 2022, The Peak’s Most Influential Leaders in 2023, she is on the leadership board of York University’s Black Alumni Network and is an alumnus of YouTube Black’s Class of 2022.


thursday – 03:45pm Creator Summit

Time Icon 25 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Jane Mallett Theatre

The Life-Cycle of a Digital Creator

The creator economy is growing and there are now more platforms, formats and opportunities for creators to build a thriving business online. In fact, creators are the new generation of startups and small businesses, as they explore different content and growth strategies, and new ways to connect with audiences and earn revenue. This panel will connect with popular digital creators at different phases in their career, as they discuss the challenges and opportunities in their respective journey as a content creator.