Shekher Puri

Vice President, Digital Components and Platforms


Shekher is responsible for identifying, building, and deploying critical re-usable digital patterns, assets, and components to drive digital engagement, bionic sales, and strategic reuse. Shekher is accountable for scaling the manufacturing of re-usable components and rethinking how RBC manages digital capabilities. Shekher also leads the Digital Identity, Access & Security, and Open Banking/APIs strategy for RBC.


wednesday – 11:00am Partner Event

Time Icon 60 mins

Location Icon Meridian Hall - Castle Point Numa Lounge

The Open Banking Ecosystem: Driving the Perfect Balance for Innovation

Open Banking ecosystem participants, including fintechs and banks, have the ability to significantly transform the financial landscape, providing new opportunities for competition, collaboration, innovation, and digitization. This panel, representing key Open Banking stakeholders, will explore the intersection of Open Banking and innovation and their roles in driving digital transformation within the financial sector.