Stephanie Lipp

CEO & Co-Founder


Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Stephanie Lipp has always had an eye for beauty and a thirst for adventure. After receiving an education in art and photography, Stephanie worked for some of the top commercial photographers in Canada. She continued to flex her creative muscles and was commissioned to do fashion portraiture, graphic design and digital marketing. Seeking a new adventure, Stephanie and her partner Leo started their own gourmet mushroom farm and moved to a small coastal town on the island of Newfoundlandd. After participating in a pre-accelerator, Stephanie and Leo made a big pivot and co-founded a cleantech company that produces a mycelium-based leather alternative. Stephanie has come full circle, combining her passion for creativity and entrepreneurship, to create a circular solution that will be used by big brands all over the world.


Time Icon 20 mins

Location Icon St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts - Jane Mallett Theatre

The Future of Sustainable Fashion

From sweatshops to the negative impacts of overconsumption, the fashion industry is under pressure to change. While brands are increasing their spending on sustainable products, today’s numbers are bleak: the industry generates nearly 20 percent of global wastewater (it takes 3,781 litres of water just to produce a single pair of jeans) and 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually — more than what’s produced by all international flights and maritime shipping combined. With the boom in the production of fast fashion garments on the rise these numbers are expected to increase. But there is another way. This session explores the future of sustainable fashion and how fabrics, design and business models must shift. Hear from experts with solutions that could transform the industry – from bio-based materials to Indigenous design.