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Transform the Future

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St. Lawrence Center - Bluma Appel Theater
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


In the world of science and technology, there is no topic as deeply examined – in both reality and fiction – as Artificial Intelligence.

For decades, scientists, engineers and authors alike predicted Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be either the great failure or saviour of the future. But today, AI is everywhere. It has become a fact of life.

From scanning for illness and disease, to protecting endangered wildlife and formulating climate patterns. Even providing new opportunities for accessibility and equality, and creating beautiful works of art – the value of AI is unquestionable.

But where will AI continue to take us? And what are the risks the world should be wary of?

On the AI Stage, examine the present and uncover the future of disruptive AI and machine learning technology, as told by experts in the field. It’s time to open your mind to a new era of technology that past generations could only dream of.

Why Attend

Gain a deeper understanding of how AI works
Learn how AI affects our everyday lives
Uncover ways AI is creating opportunity for equity deserving groups
Learn how you can benefit from interacting with AI