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Work Shift

The Future of Work

Presented By
St. Lawrence Center - Bluma Appel Theater
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Work Shift

We are undergoing a workplace revolution.

In the aftermath of the work-from-home wave that began at the pandemic’s onset, companies and employees alike are learning how to best operate in an increasingly hybrid world. “Work” now looks a little different for everybody, which leaves a lot of questions that need to be answered.

What’s the most efficient strategy for a company to manage their employees’ time? When and how often should the workforce be coming to the office? Do smaller businesses even need a traditional workplace anymore?

On the Work Shift stage, become part of the discussion around the expectations and practices of the workforce post-pandemic. Hear from many different perspectives around the most effective strategies to maximize output, stay happy and healthy in a hybrid work environment, and find fulfilment in non-traditional work environments.

Why Attend

Gather different perspectives on hybrid work environments
Learn how to best work from home, and make the most of limited in-office time
Explore how to succeed in a mostly online workplace
Gain insight on the future of “work” and how it will affect your future